Hi, I’m Marc…

Headshot of Marc in b&w

I’m currently working on a near-future novel called Lost in Paradise.1

The story begins on the near-future Earth-like planet of Ortgard in the city of Parrinon. Mote has come to visit family friend River, who, to his surprise and disappointment, is not there. River’s neighbour Scarlet soon pays him a call, and together they unravel a succession of increasingly bizarre clues that River has left behind, and which they believe will lead them to her. The rabbit hole, though, goes far, far deeper than they imagine, and they soon realise they are participants in a plan with global implications.

But whose plan is it? And what is it they want?

  1. I’ve also written two non-fiction books. The details of which can be found on my Goodreads author’s page. I spent a couple of years writing as a freelance journalist for Computer Music and Future Music too.