Hi, I'm Marc!

Headshot of Marc in b&w

This is me o/

I'm currently editing my first novel, which is called, A Little Breath of Freedom. A YA novel that I've yet to successfully describe concisely. I should probably do that soon. Because I work a full-time job during the day, it's taking me a little longer to finish than I'd hoped. Every author has an excuse for taking too long to finish their book. That's mine.

The essence of my stories is the shared joy of overcoming adversity with faithful companions (both old friends and new chums befriended on the journey). Sometimes, of course, adversity isn't overcome, and sometimes friends turn out not to be what they seemed. Life's a bitch, eh?

If you are looking for blood and guts and epic battles, look elsewhere, because my stories aim to tackle the problems of the universe as peaceably as possible (though not everyone necessarily survives, sadly). Aiming for the impossible dream of a utopia makes, I believe, for a better storytelling than descending into dystopia and spending forever trying to get out of it. I can dream. And when I do, I write a story about it.

It should be clear than I must have spent much of my life doing more than writing. And it is true that I've spent much time not writing, although I have written two non-fiction books. The details of which can be found on my Goodreads author's page. I also spent a couple of years writing as a freelance journalist for Computer Music and Future Music.

When not writing, I've spent a lot of time building computer software systems for scores of companies. The one everyone likes to hear about is the time my team and I built the pit-wall system for a Formula One team. For some reason, folk are more interested in F1 than software built for sewage disposal, which I've also done, and which, frankly, is a lot more important than F1. Neither smell that good, though.

Because I was alive before the Internet came along, I've even built things that aren't web-sites or apps. I'm that old. Frankly, it's a miracle I can get myself out of bed in the mornings even when, on some days, it seems like a very bad idea. But I do. I still build computer systems, but mostly I look after teams who spend their time trying to keep me away from their code. The rascals.

I have degrees in mathematics and in computer science, and a lifelong passion for cosmology and astronomy. In addition, because of advances in science during my lifetime, that passion now includes quantum physics, which does my head, as it does for everybody. I've otherwise kept myself out of jail by climbing mountains (many Munros, Nepal, Alaska, the Alps, etc.), writing and playing music (bands, studio, pleasure), running the London Marathon (in 1983), and, of course, reading lots of books. I've lived and worked in both France and Spain, and speak both languages really badly. I love the Spanish language, though, and continue to study it.

That's me.